Alio seeks to expand dialysis patient advocacy and support


Alio recently held its second formal Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC) Meeting. Alio has a long-standing commitment to patient advocacy and patient-centric design. The council, one of the first of its kind in this space, allows for candid discussions and a tighter feedback loop between possible end-users and the Alio Team.  The Alio PFAC includes US-based dialysis patients and professionals who have significant experience in chronic kidney disease (CKD) and dialysis treatment.


Alio is focused on keeping the patient perspective at the center of their design and development process as they prepare for the commercial availability of their SmartPatch.  The Alio PFAC serves as an integral part of the  feedback loop between relevant stakeholders in the dialysis management space and Alio’s product design and refinement process. The most recent meeting focused specifically on how technology fits into a dialysis patient’s care journey. Alio recognizes that a better patient experience not only fosters greater patient compliance but also improves outcomes.


The Alio PFAC is chaired by Ms. Terry Faust Litchfield, a well-known dialysis patient advocate and industry pioneer. Members of the council include:

  • Caryl Katz – Caryl has received in-center hemodialysis treatment for several years, spent 30 years with Baxter Healthcare’s renal division, and was part of the first wave of employees for Lifeline Vascular
  • Caroline Wilkie Kuhns – Caroline is on home hemodialysis and involved in volunteer work with the National Kidney Foundation (NKF), and advises government agencies as well as research, policy, and health organizations
  • Fred Hill – Fred received a kidney transplant but was previously on peritoneal dialysis and received in-center hemodialysis 40+ years. Fred wrote the book, “Dialysis IS NOT Your Life,” and serves as a motivational speaker in addition to being active in Kidney Academy
  • Tamara Y. Walker – Tamara received a kidney transplant and remains an active advocate and ambassador with several Atlanta-based organizations in the kidney and transplant community. She is also the author of “Medical Bill from Heaven”
  • James Fabin – James has chronic kidney disease (CKD) and is renowned on YouTube (DadviceTV) and social media .He is a lifestyle modification advocate helping others with CKD
  • Nieltje Gedney – Nieltje is on home hemodialysis, is Executive Director for Home Dialyzers United (HDU), and works on a number of kidney care policy and advocacy committees
  • Jessica Lancaster, RN – Jessica is not a CKD patient, but an RN with >20 years of experience in providing care for dialysis patients as an in-center charge nurse, clinic manager, and an area float nurse


“Alio seeks to improve the experience of dialysis patients, a significant undertaking, and we are all proud to be members of the Alio PFAC, focused on patient-centered innovation and outreach,” said Jessica Lancaster, PFAC member.


The second Alio PFAC Meeting included Scott Davie, Alio’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO), and Tim Wells, Director of Human Centered Design, in a review of Alio product development and usability.  Members also actively participated in these developmental efforts and provided important design feedback. The council also provided Alio with essential insights regarding educational support for dialysis patients – resources available, useful publications, educational channels and more.


“We are pleased to have this diverse group of dialysis patients and professionals to partner with us as we continue to pursue our mission of improving the patient experience,” said Scott Davie, Alio’s CTO.  “The council’s understanding of the variety of challenges faced by dialysis patients, provides Alio with points of view that will help us to continue to develop our remote monitoring platform and prepare for commercializing Alio as a patient-centered technology.”