At Alio our culture is as important to us as our diverse talent.

To that end, it’s important that those working with us know what we stand for as a company.

Our core values as a company

We believe all patient populations deserve better care.

We believe this is possible by empowering physicians with actionable real-time data to make the most informed medical decisions possible.

Our platform creates opportunities for insight where there weren’t any.

Existing systems provided metrics for only 15% of a patient's life. By giving physicians visibility into the other 85% of a patient’s life, we are able to facilitate better care and reduce avoidable hospitalizations.

Closing the gap on remote patient monitoring through improved design and increased insights.

Our solution design contributes to a better patient experience. Patient compliance and accurate reporting are two of the biggest challenges healthcare faces. By offering a non-invasive remote monitoring sensing platform we are able to improve patient compliance and complete the care continuum.

We believe the market is ripe for disruption because of one dimensional monitoring solutions, high rates of hospitalization, and insufficient tools for managing patient populations at scale.

And through an improved or re-invented approach, we have the opportunity to re-imagine what care looks like for those facing chronic conditions.

Our Experience

We are a team of innovators from the medtech and high-tech industries based in the Bay Area blending startup and large company experience. Our team has 11 startup exits among us and prior experience at companies such as GoogleX, Medtronic, Glooko, mCube, Microsoft Research, PARC and National Semiconductor.



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