Who is Alio?

Alio is noninvasive remote monitoring for complications in dialysis patients, providing actionable data at the right time in one place.

Our Team

What does Alio do?

Remote monitoring for chronic conditions today is invasive, expensive, often provides inadequate data, and does not deliver a positive user experience - this decreases patient compliance

We don’t rely on one-metric devices, use “off-the-shelf” sensors, or look for insight from fitness trackers - Alio is designed to produce clinical grade, accurate data, aggregated into actionable insights

The Alio Approach to Managing Chronic Conditions

Chronic conditions affect more than one in three people globally and they can be better managed by better accommodating and managing care outside the clinical setting

Existing solutions for monitoring dialysis patients only provide a small sliver of what a patient's day to day life looks like while managing their condition

Care does not just occur for these patients at the doctor’s office, to provide better care and close the gap on chronic conditions, we must create better insights into patient care outside the clinic

Alio is designed to improve health outcomes while decreasing avoidable healthcare costs


For example, dialysis-related hospitalizations cost $14B/year


65% of those hospitalizations due to Vascular Access and Fluid Management issues

11 Days/year

An improved solution could reduce the average of 11 days per year spent in the hospital

What’s next?

Soon, we will be announcing studies to assess our remote monitoring solution to enable early identification, isolation and remote management of vulnerable patient populations