Recent Studies Demonstrate the Alio Remote Monitoring Platform Can Monitor Patients Living With Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) and Other Chronic Conditions

JEM Study (1)

Initial findings from recent studies show the Alio Remote Monitoring Platform can successfully monitor patients living with CKD and other chronic conditions remotely and non-invasively. Currently, Alio’s platform is FDA-cleared to monitor potassium, hematocrit, hemoglobin, auscultation, heart rate, and skin temperature for End-Stage Kidney Disease (ESKD) patients with an arteriovenous (AV) access. Data from recent clinical studies demonstrate the feasibility of expanding the platform from ESKD to a broader patient population – including earlier stages of CKD and the general population at large. This marks a monumental step for Alio towards becoming a singular remote monitoring device for all chronic conditions. 

These studies were conducted with CKD patients and healthy volunteers across multiple sites in the U.S. and Jordan. With the data gathered, Alio developed adaptations to their proprietary algorithms that enable many of the same metrics to be gathered from those without an AV access. The Alio Remote Monitoring Platform is able to monitor hemoglobin, hematocrit, and oxygen saturation (along with other basic vitals) at levels of accuracy which exceed FDA standards and/or the published accuracy of gold-standard devices currently on the market.  These results are being prepared for submission to peer-reviewed journals and are expected to be published later this year. Briefly, the error values observed for each of the metrics in these studies are described below:

Currently, the Alio platform is optimized for placement over the AV access of an ESKD patient – an underserved population experiencing a range of preventable complications. Alio’s technology delivers clinical-grade metrics and timely notifications, equipping clinicians with the data and insights needed to provide more personalized care and intervene before serious complications or hospitalizations occur. 

The vision for the Alio team is and has always been to develop an all-in-one wearable platform to remotely and non-invasively capture vitals and key metrics for people living with chronic conditions. By expanding the capabilities of the Alio Platform, it can serve a much broader patient population, including CKD and heart failure, while mitigating the progression of serious chronic conditions. 

This is an incredible step forward for Alio, and the patients and clinicians the technology will be able to help. It marks a major milestone towards becoming a truly all-in-one wearable for people living with chronic conditions. For those interested in learning more about Alio’s non-invasive remote monitoring platform, please contact us and stay tuned for further results.

*The information in this post pertains to investigational capabilities that have not yet received FDA clearance and should be interpreted accordingly.

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