Alio Introduces Series of Studies for Clinical-Grade Noninvasive Wearable

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With a seasoned team and robust partnerships, Alio will provide high quality, clinically actionable data, furthering remote patient monitoring technology

SAN FRANCISCONov. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Alio launched a new series of studies and partnerships for its noninvasive wearable which provides seamless, accurate and protected data. The technology, originally targeted for those with chronic conditions outside the clinical setting, can measure and be applied to a variety of industries ultimately improving understanding of health and performance for areas like athletics, military and more.

As COVID-19 ushers in a new era of telehealth, technologies like Alio’s SmartPatch have come to the forefront of the conversation around remote patient monitoring. For far too long we have relied on inaccurate, siloed and incomplete data to understand health and performance. Furthering the problem, solutions allowing for more accurate reporting are often invasive and uncomfortable. By improving the user experience, and designing a “forgettable” wearable patch, Alio increases user compliance, enhances insights and allows for better care and performance outside of the clinical setting.

Alio, formerly GraftWorx, recently rebranded to better represent their vision for the future of healthcare. Alio is a medical technology company that uses remote patient monitoring to help patients better manage their chronic conditions and individuals gain better insight into their health. The SmartPatch can measure metrics like skin temperature, oxygen saturation, pulse rate variability, blood pressure, potassium, hemoglobin/hematocrit and more. This industry disrupting technology has been developed under the guidance of seasoned industry veterans from organizations like GoogleX, Medtronic, mCube, Microsoft Research, PARC and National Semiconductor.

“Regardless of your specific use case, our solution is designed to create a better experience. Until now we have relied on inaccurate, incomplete or siloed data to generate an understanding of our lives outside of the clinical setting,” said David Kuraguntla, Alio’s Co-Founder and CEO. “By providing a noninvasive, comfortable and clinically accurate wearable, compliance for wearable devices will be improved, providing clinicians, trainers, and organizations with better visibility into key clinical metrics and even reduce avoidable hospitalizations or health complications.”

The organization has realized the potential of its technology and begun to apply it to industries outside of its original target market of chronic conditions. The Alio remote monitoring platform is vertically integrated with proprietary sensing technology and harmoniously connects with other clinical sensor products, providing an effortless solution for retrieving vital data. Alio’s partnerships have allowed them to expand and hone their technology through a series of feasibility studies.

“There is so much more we can know about our dialysis patients’ health from technology like Alio’s,” said Ray Morales, Executive Operations Director, Intermountain Healthcare Kidney Services. “It’s time we embrace new technologies that make managing our vitals comfortably and reliably while maintaining consistency and accuracy. It’s simply not enough to accept the unknown given how technologies like Alio have progressed.”

Through robust and diverse partnerships, Alio has been able to further enhance and develop the technology behind the SmartPatch. As of August 2020, Alio has launched a clinical partnership with Intermountain Healthcare. Based in Utah, Intermountain is a not-for-profit system of 24 hospitals, 170 clinics, a Medical Group with 1,500 physicians, and a health plans division. The partnership will capitalize on Alio’s proprietary technology to further Intermountain’s vision of helping people live the healthiest lives possible.

“Often technology is created outside of the healthcare setting and then retroactively applied, and frankly it is what has led to slow adoption across healthcare,” said Dr. Mark A. Kraus, MD, Nephrologist of Intermountain Healthcare. “That’s what sets Alio apart – they’re dedicated to understanding not only the needs of the end users but also created a technology that fits seamlessly into our workflow. We’ve been really pleased to work with such a forward-thinking collaborative partner who aligns with our goals.”

If you’re interested in pursuing a partnership or feasibility study you may do so by filling out a form located on their website.

About Alio
Alio is a wearable technology company enabling greater insights through clinical grade real-time data. Whether you’re facing chronic conditions, trying to reach peak athletic performance or facing the toughest physical challenges in the military, we believe everyone deserves better insight into their health and vitals. Our primary monitoring platform, powered by the SmartPatch, seamlessly connects other clinical grade sensors through proprietary technology. Performance, even as a clinician or an athlete, relies upon high-quality accurate data and Alio delivers a non-invasive integrated approach.

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