Alio Officially Enters GCC Market Through Partnership with Al Redwan

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Alio maintains momentum entering 2024 with global expansion of its commercial operations

BROOMFIELD, Colo., Dec. 5, 2023 – Today, Alio, Inc. announces its strategic partnership with Al Redwan Medical Services Company, a leader in dialysis and medical lab trading and medical services in the Gulf region. Alio, already commercially available in the United States, has expanded its global presence to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to reach a greater number of kidney patients in need. 

In the Kingdom, there are roughly two million people living with Chronic Kidney Disease with approximately 40,000 patients expected to be on dialysis by 2030. Alio’s partnership with Al Redwan allows Alio to manage the more than 3,000 End-Stage Kidney Disease (ESKD) patients for whom Al Redwan directly provides dialysis. Beyond the patients already under Al Redwan’s care, the partnership will also enable and facilitate the distribution of Alio products to other hospitals, providers, and partners in the region, including Diaverum. With Chronic Kidney Disease being the fourth leading cause of death in the Kingdom, Al Redwan recognizes the tremendous impact Alio’s technology can have in improving quality of life, reducing hospitalizations, driving down costs, and even avoiding potentially fatal complications altogether. 

“There are a growing number of people with chronic conditions in our country. Unfortunately, the technology available to date has only catered to one or two of their conditions,” said Mr. Yousef Al Redwan, CEO of Al Redwan Medical Services. “We are excited to partner with such an innovative company which has the technology to not only improve patient care but also health outcomes at the systems level. Our partnership with Alio will be instrumental in making a substantial difference in how we monitor and manage not only dialysis care but Chronic Kidney Disease more broadly.”

Alio’s SmartPatch is a multi-metric wearable and the world’s first non-invasive potassium monitor. The Alio Remote Monitoring Platform, powered by SmartPatch, hub, and portal, is FDA-cleared to monitor potassium, auscultation, hematocrit, hemoglobin, in addition to basic vitals – all without any blood or calibration necessary. The Alio Platform dramatically improves the technology solutions available to clinicians by delivering actionable, clinical-grade metrics and notifications at key intervention points. Daily remote access to these metrics allows clinical care teams to mitigate common, yet costly complications associated with kidney disease without the need for frequent in-person visits. Alio currently has several additional metrics in development, which will allow the platform to monitor a number of chronic conditions in addition to kidney disease. 

Unlike existing solutions, Alio’s platform can capture multiple metrics with just one device, which reduces both patient and clinician burden without compromising on metric quality or data availability. The platform makes actionable data available on a daily basis, metrics which would otherwise only be available via an in-clinic blood draw. Alio’s SmartPatch can also function as a stethoscope allowing clinicians to remotely monitor a patient’s vascular access. When atypical sound data is detected in several consecutive readings, the platform sends a notification to the clinical care team. This feature, coupled with the SmartPatch’s ability to non-invasively measure potassium, addresses two of the most common and potentially fatal complications of kidney disease – dyskalemia and vascular occlusion. 

“We have achieved so many industry changing milestones this year as an organization,” said David Kuraguntla, CEO of Alio. “This is just the beginning – we will expand to a number of countries across the globe next year, all in service of putting cutting-edge technology in the hands of those who need it most. There are almost one billion people globally living with kidney disease and even more living with chronic conditions – all who deserve better monitoring, care and quality of life. We are committed to becoming the singular device which can deliver on the clinical-grade insights and peace of mind necessary to do so.” 

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Alio, Inc. is a medical technology company focused on non-invasive, wireless remote patient monitoring for people with chronic conditions.

The Alio® Platform, powered by the SmartPatch, hub, and portal, is FDA-cleared to monitor hematocrit, hemoglobin, potassium, auscultation, heart rate and skin temperature  – all without the need for blood draws, finger pricks or microneedles. Alio uses artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze data and create actionable insights. These insights enable targeted interventions with the potential for improved health outcomes and reduced hospitalizations. Currently indicated for hemodialysis patients, the Alio Platform will soon be available for all patients with chronic conditions, with additional metrics under development. Alio has built a team of seasoned leaders with diverse backgrounds spanning across industries and segments such as medical devices, wearable technology, government relations, commercialization, and reimbursement.

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